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Meet Actor Devon Mahon

Devon is performing the role of "Lane" in All the Wrong Places, the next #newworkshop selection in Now & Then's 3rd season. Artistic Director John Perovich had a chance to speak with Devon about the role and his process in the workshop. All the Wrong Places by Maybe Stewart will be presented to audiences this Friday, September 13 at 7:30PM and Saturday, September 14 at 11:00AM.

John Perovich (JP): Devon, it's so great to have you back with us at Now & Then! Can you share with us a bit about your character?

Devon Mahon (DM): Of course! In All the Wrong Places I play Lane. Lane is in his twenties, he has just returned from an internship in Paris, he writes poetry, and he and his girlfriend Margo have been together for 3 years (they’ve known each other since middle school). He is a very reliable friend. Lane is also asexual. If asexuality is a new term to anyone - Lane does not have sexual feelings or desires. He isn’t void of feelings or love; love to him just doesn’t involve sexual intimacy. This proves a challenge at times in Lane and Margo’s relationship.

JP: Yes, it certainly does. The workshop process is unique from a traditional rehearsal process - there is so much less time, but the time is exciting. How do you approach a workshop week? What has your process been like?

DM: Maybe Stewart has written a script that beautifully depicts how people have different needs and wants in their relationships. It’s a play about communication in relationships, and the dialogue, arguments, and opening up of feelings are all so real. Maybe’s writing makes it easy as an actor to just feel the emotion – I found myself accidentally doing the things that the stage directions said I should do (ie. Someone’s line made me make an uncomfortable face or made me sigh and then I’d look down at the script and it would say, “Lane is uncomfortable” or “Lane sighs”). Understanding Lane’s needs and desires in a relationship was actually easier because of this. The hardest part of the process for me is learning how to perform poetry – I’ve been trying to watch videos and listen to podcasts of people performing their poems so I could learn the patterns and intricacies of that art form.

JP: Thank you - you're doing a great job with the poetry! Final question, there are so many options for seeing theatre in the valley or staying at home to stream from so many providers. Why should audiences check out All the Wrong Places?

DM: Audiences should come check out All the Wrong Places because it shows the beauty of communicating to your loved ones. I love watching/listening to the relationships in this play whether it is two people arguing, two people supporting one another, two people crying together, etc. Also…support local theatre! Here you have a playwright in our community at a theatre in our community telling stories about people that you will likely meet in our community.

All the Wrong Places by Maybe Stewart will be presented to audiences this Friday, September 13 at 7:30PM and Saturday, September 14 at 11:00AM. For info and tickets, click here.