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Hit Music by Guillermo Reyes

Original Music by Carlos Urtubey

Directed by Jesse D. Saywell

Media Design by Andrés Alcalá

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Streaming at 5PM on 5/27 through 6/6
May 21st through May 31st only

ABOUT THE SHOW:  The Boy’s on the edge of seventeen, ready to sing, ready to write songs and grow up, but his father’s stuck on retro music and isn’t supportive of his goals.  When the eccentric Italian father in this mixed Latino-Italian-American family in Los Angeles announces his imminent death, the boy brings together  the family and a (not-so-beloved) niece to stage a final commemorative concert in 1996 at a North Hollywood diner.  But everything gets derailed by twists of fate, a romance, a heart break, and lots of funky singing in English, Italian and Spanish.  A comedy with music for our times, or any time.

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