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Meet Actor Devon Mahon

Devon performs in Reach/Recover, the next #newworkshop selection in Now & Then's 3rd season. Artistic Director John Perovich had a chance to speak with Devon about the process. Reach/Recover by Christopher Patrick Allen will be presented to audiences this Friday, March 6 at 7:30PM and Saturday, March 7 at 11:00AM

John Perovich (JP): Devon, you've been a big part of our workshops and readings this season—thank you for returning for this workshop! To get things started, can you share a bit with us about your character for Reach/Recover?

Devon Mahon (DM): I play a few different roles in Reach/Recover, but my prominent two would be Charles as well as the role of Annie's Husband. Charles is a TA for a Cosmology class taught by Annie. He is a fun-loving and easy-going guy who is quite interested in the other TA, Sam. Annie's Husband is not as quirky or charming as Charles...let's leave it at that. I also play Julie's Uncle...it's a quick bit and he is concerned about his niece's well being at school.

JP: Thank you. Can you share a bit of your process with us? How has it been different for this workshop of Reach/Recover?

DM: Singing terrifies me, so—even though I love doing musicals—they always require my process to include a lot more pep-talk for getting my nerves under control. Luckily, I have no solo song.

JP: I know that's how you feel, of course, but I've seen you sing so many times! You're wonderful! Sorry I interrupted...

DM: For this workshop we don't have the luxury of full costumes/hair/makeup, so all character changes need to be done with the voice and the way you present yourself/posture. Charles is more of my actual register (higher inflection), Annie's Husband is my lower register, and then Julie's Uncle I feel is in-between the two and has a tiny southern twang to it (same ratio as fruit to water in a La Croix...it ain't much, but you can still say it exists).

JP: That's hilarious. I know you have a knack at creating characters (I'm thinking about your work in Mesa Encore Theatre's The Toxic Avenger). I'm looking forward to seeing what you've discovered! Final question: There are so many options for seeing theatre in the valley or staying at home to stream entertainment. Why should audiences come see Reach/Recover?

DM: Come see Reach/Recover because instead of being absorbed by flashy costumes, lights, and special effects, these songs are raw vocals accompanied with an acoustic guitar or piano. These ladies bust out some powerful songs that will hit you in the feels or get you groovin' in your seats (they're so catchy!).

JP: Getting hit in the feels...what more is there?

Reach/Recover by Christopher Patrick Allen will be presented to audiences Friday, March 6 at 7:30PM and Saturday, March 7 at 11:00AM. For info and tickets, click here.