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Meet Actor Cameron Bloom

Cameron is performing in Hit Music by Guillermo Reyes, returning for its closing weekend this Friday at 7PM. Artistic Director John Perovich had a chance to speak with Cameron about his role and process for the workshop production. Hit Music performs Fri. 2/7 and Sat. 2/8 at 7PM and Sun. 2/9 at 2PM.

John Perovich (JP): Cameron, it's wonderful to have you join us at Now & Then for the very first time! I really enjoyed your recent, bloody good performance in Evil Dead: The Musical at Brelby Theatre Company. Can you share a bit about your character in Hit Music—Riggswith us?

Cameron Bloom (CB): Riggs is the guy who, you know...no matter what, he pushes for his dream. It's not about money, or fame—he does what he does because he loves it. He is very passionate and headstrong, and, unfortunately, that clouds his judgement...resulting in rash decisions and insecurities. But no matter what, he works to be a strong musician—making music that matters and that means something.

JP: I can definitely see the passion that you're talking about. Riggs seems like he will do anything that he possibly can do in order to achieve his dream. In addition to his stubborn attitude, he also makes a few life choices that aren't in his best interest (my personal opinion). Please tell us a bit about your process as an actor. How has it been different for the staged reading of this workshop?

CB: I have never done a staged reading before, so I was a little intimidated by this new process. As an actor, I typically find my character once all of my lines are memorized—it makes it easier in the moment to learn the instinct of the character I'm playing without having a script in hand to worry about. That being said, a staged reading makes that a little challenging considering I have my script in hand at all times. But after all of our rehearsals, I learned to adapt and now feel—regardless of what I have holding me back in a scene—that I can always find the spirit of my character and make that connection. I also felt a strong connection with Riggs as a character. His passion and energy really resonates with me, so that made for a smooth transition into this new process.

JP: I've been doing workshops for years at this point. Hearing what you're saying about the initial challenge in finding a character when the script is in hand is certainly relatable. With more workshop experience, I ultimately found a distinct kind of liberation to the process as an actor...but that took a while to figure out. Final question, there are so many options for seeing theatre in the valley or staying at home to stream television/film. Why should audiences check out Hit Music?

CB: Hit Music is such a unique experience. Its raw power can really connect with audiences in a way most forms of entertainment can't—especially since this is a workshop piece...it gives folks the chance to be a part of the process. To see something come together in front of their very eyes—it's not something you want to miss.

Hit Music book + lyrics by Guillermo Reyes - music by Carlos Urtubey, performs its final weekend, 2/7 and 2/8 at 7PM and 2/9 at 2PM. For info and tickets, click here.