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Meet Actor David Magadan

David is performing in The Mall, the next #newworkshop selection in Now & Then's 3rd season. Artistic Director John Perovich had a chance to speak with David about his process. The Mall by Jesse Saywell will be presented to audiences Friday, February 21 at 7:30PM and Saturday, February 22 at 11:00AM.

John Perovich (JP): David, thank you for joining us at Now & Then. It was great to have you with us for Misery Loves Mini-Golf by Luke Gomez in November—welcome back! Can you share a bit about your character with us?

David Magadan (DM): I'm playing Erik, an athlete and class president in high school who returned years later to be a 10th grade history teacher. Erik married his high school sweetheart, but after years of marriage, they find themselves no further in life than they really were at 18. He's witty and caring with moments of pretentiousness, but it's not hard to see how he fit in to the puzzle of this friend group years ago.

JP: There's definitely a nuance and inner conflict to the character—not unlike all of the characters that Jesse has created. It has been something that all of the actors have picked up on during this process and, I think, what helps make the play so incredibly engaging. Can you discuss your process with us for The Mall?

DM: The first thing I usually do when I get a script is throw it in my Vitamix(®) and drink it down to try and get all the nutrients from the text. I like to balance spending time with the text—finding the appropriate stresses—with discovering different ways to play off of the other actors with what they bring to the game. My favorite thing about workshops is how quickly things can change. We've been blessed in this process with a dedicated playwright who has given us new material almost every night, so there's always tons to play with!

JP: It's wonderful that Jesse has been providing so many thoughtful rewrites and revisions along the way (and that you're able to consume the text for nutritional benefit!)—that's one of the goals of the process...well, I guess writers don't have to do it, but it is an open invitation to them to use the process to its fullest. Final question: There are so many options for entertainment in our lives. Why should audiences join us for The Mall?

DM: I think that The Mall will appeal to anyone that grew up going to the mall in any capacity, but it's also about how friends and loved one's can grow apart over time. It's funny and tear jerking and such a great casual evening of theatre that you can get highly invested in as an audience member.

The Mall by Jesse Saywell will be presented to audiences this Friday, November 21 at 7:30PM and Saturday, February 22 at 11:00AM. For info and tickets, click here.